Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Jewelry that never extinguish in time.

Jewelries have always been conquered a major space in our luxurious life. Perhaps, it would be a ring for your beloved ones or a pendant for your sweet baby born. Let me take you to some of the most exquisite collections of Wholesale Western Jewelry collections to wander around. It got the perfect trend, design, outstandingly suite with any occasions and events. Every culture got its own unique traditions and customs to make an event startling.  The wholesale western jewelry got its unique designs, models and colors make the person’s sartorial splendor on his entire attire.

Without any second chance to contemplate the product, you may visit and grab these exclusive collections from the wholesale-by-atlas merchant store on the web. You may have a delightful taste over jewelry like bracelets, earrings, pins, pendants. Even you have the opportunity by submitting a request to make the customized ornament for the occasion special. Fabulously, you could find them all at one location. It is going to be the most audacious moment in life whereas, you are going to be crux of an event not only the sartorial attire because of your unprecedented quality ornaments which suites the occasion.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

“Go-go” enchanted and classy Rhinestone women boots

Boots were always there in the pile of enchanted women class those have got a sign on the elegant and affluent people. In the ancient times, it really has a staggering effect among the affluence. Even today, the drive has no change over it for “go-go” Rhinestone women boots. It got a velvet touch on eyes and on inside it is so smooth and flowing of water moving in the beautiful streams feels alike when you step on to the rhinestone women boots for its cushion of sponginess and comfort.

Definitely, it got a history! Go-go women boots got such a name because of the term Go-Go is derived from the French expression Ă  gogo, meaning "in abundance, galore", which is in turn derived from the ancient French word la gogue for "joy, happiness". Surely, the affluent one really have a unique taste for “Go-go” boots. Well, how you will define the Rhinestone women boots then? Experience it!!  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Elegant and Quintessential rhinestone dog collar belt for pet’s tone

Our eyes always walk a while with elegant and classy sparkling stuffs even if it is neither a diamond ring nor rhinestone dog collar belt for our pets. Everyone is behind style and trendy stuffs. If, we possess something similar there are more eyes to catch on it. As a human being our desires are always been elegant in class for others eyes but it can’t be true always. Neither, without much effort we could be, whether our pets got some splendid and quintessential accessories with a designer signature on it. Have you thought about it anytime earlier? Sarcasm! When others got glitter things, how our heart is really got inclined to say “What a wonderful stuff?” or did we say that “We had it earlier?” or “I told him not to get similar dog collar stuff for my pet?.” In fact, who we are really inside? Being happy for the good things others possess or a guilty feeling rooted of envy. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "sarcasm" derives from ancient Greek for "to tear flesh, gnash the teeth, speak bitterly." Its first definition is "a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt. So, thought evoking question is that, really did the sparkling stuffs gonna be an ornament to follow you up by others eyes. Didn’t you stuck up to say the right answer! Contemplate it!

Friday, August 10, 2012


We’ve read quite a lot about footwear and in particular rhinestone footwear, all of them being equally worn by both men and women. An important and age old style of footwear that still generates a lot of attention is the rhinestone mule, which is nothing but a footwear with an open back and closed toe. The addition of rhinestones to this footwear makes it all the more special and equally craved by men and women. This type of footwear has been in use for centuries and has undergone a lot of transformation in style and design. Rhinestones mules were originally used in the 18th century and were an item often associated with immoral women. But in the middle of the 20th century, the popular actress Marylyn Monroe promoted the usage of this footwear and this resulted in more and more people using it. They come in different styles like high heels, flat heels, etc. Of late the rhinestone mule has undergone a transformation from its original style and an open toe style has been introduced in the market that is quite popular too. This footwear is an item that can be worn to most places and you are sure to get noticed for its elegance and style.

Friday, July 27, 2012


We all would have come across different varieties of caps that includes the rhinestone caps, embroidered caps, plain caps etc. An important variety of cap that is worth mentioning is the heat pressed cap that has an interesting story to tell. The technique used in making the heat pressed cap might seem to be a simple one, but the fact is that a lot of attention and detail has to be included in making a perfect one. The end product involves just a couple of steps that has to be done with perfection. You can create just anything you would like to appear on your cap, provided the image fits the cap perfectly. The basic tool used in this process is the heat press machine that can withstand high temperatures and comes with a small bed where the cap needs to be placed and a lever holds it tightly ensuring that the images is heat pressed exactly where it is intended to. Next, the image that is taken on a heat resistant paper is carefully placed on the cap and heat is applied on to it. After a few seconds when the press is removed, you find your desired imaged neatly applied on to the cap.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Innovations help create a market and anything that is unique and attractive tends to have an everlasting effect in peoples mind. There have been many innovations to date and few of them have had notably success while others have faded with the passage of time. Rhinestone bracelet watch is a unique combination of jewelry and a time machine that has never lost its value and as time passes, the urge in peoples mind to own one seems to never saturate. This item can be worn both as a watch and as a bracelet that fetches you the much deserved attention you need. The rhinestone bracelet watch is usually associated with women who like to flaunt glittering accessories. This item does not resemble the normal watch that gets strapped to the wrist, but more of a free flowing accessory that get noticed as a bracelet often. Since it is made of of rhinestone and as you’d be familiar with its cost, a rhinestone bracelet watch of course comes only at a premium. This makes it unique and not so common an item that can be found on everyone’s wrists. If you are looking to buy one of this item, make sure you buy it from a seller who sells only authentic ones, because there are a lot of fake ones out there in the market.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


1/2” sole flip flops are a comfortable type of footwear typically meant to be used while walking on beaches. They are indeed an easy to wear and remove item that is light in weight and at the same time elegant in looks and feel. This type of footwear can be often seen during summer when people prefer to feel relaxed and make a trip to the beach. Flip flops are used by kids and adults alike and the only factor that differentiates the product is the color and design that varies according to the gender and age. 1/2” sole flip flops are designed to give maximum comfort to the foot by way of cushioning the heel which carries a major portion of our body weight. They are made our of quality rubber, that does not give away due to high temperatures and this is a major attraction as against the ordinary rubber sandals that tend to get sticky when worn on hot surfaces. The addition of rhinestones on the straps provides a great deal of glitter and hence enhances the value of the flip flop. This type of footwear is in great demand during summer season and manufacturers try to make use of the opportunity to the maximum.